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Why boxing?

We do not believe in coincidence: since you found yourself on a website of a boxing club, you are at least not indifferent to boxing. Maybe you are already training or have just decided to finally try it.

It doesn’t matter how you came to boxing – instinctively or deliberately. This sport will become a part of your life in any case.

Boxing perfects people, both physically and mentally. It became an universal mean for physical progress; it helps to fundamentally change the quality of life and improve health.

Boxing is one of the most intensive sports in regard to physical exercise. It improves your endurance, power and reaction, coordination of movement, flexibility and stretching; helps your cardiovascular system to function properly.

This is an ideal way to get an exellent body shape and lose weight naturally.

Boxing is a strategical sport, it calls for using intellectual faculties. It teaches you to “read” your opponent fast and correctly, answering with lightning speed.

Boxing is a way to fight everyday stress; it makes you more confident and self-reliant.